Big Data Analysis: A Big Help for Your Company

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Here at Teleperformance we are 100% devoted to your customers’ satisfaction. We investigate the latest customer trends to suggest new ways to ensure their happiness as we get to know your company, products, and services to empower them with new features desired by current or potential clients. We don’t settle for a regular customer service. We don’t want to just keep it running in a mediocre way. Every company that works with us knows that we are going to do everything and more to help them ensure the their customers have the best possible experience, making their brand people’s favorite.

To get to know your customers better, we have developed an amazing tool called On target. It’s a predictive solution integrated on the customer service department that helps companies build a better overall customer experience by getting to know them better and better every day. But how does On target work? Well, basically this tool analyzes big data in detail. First of all, On target collects every kind of customer behavior in a huge database, dividing them into different indicators: marketing information, billing, payments, consumption, customer service interactions, and so on. After a meticulous and detailed analysis, Teleperformance organizes all the data to create a model that indicates the probability that each customer has of developing different kinds of behaviors: how likely is that this client will file a complaint about billing? Is it possible that this person will write a negative post on Facebook about our retail stores?

After performing all this analysis, On target advises the company about different paths to take in order to prevent customers’ complaints and to reinforce their loyalty.