Layanan Konsumen

Human Resource Service Outsourcing

Improve employee satisfaction and steady business development

Project Background

Client‘s business in Indonesia is expanding rapidly, and needs us to provide nearly 200 staffs, also need us to pay salary to staffs for them, staff care, labor risk solving and other overall human resource service outsourcing solutions

Survey and analysis


Match target industry characteristics, develop a customized human

Conduct deep understanding between clients and staffs, and become the core of communication between both parties

Continuously optimize human resource service processes and standards. Keep understanding what client needs.


Back-feeding Business

  • Simplify the complexity of client internal personnel.
  • Improve staff satisfaction, reduce attrition rate effectively.
  • Reduce client non-core business costs and improve client productivity

Service Highlights

Fast, high quality and professional

Rapid Formation

60 days

Completed Indonesian venue set up in 60 days

  • Keep visiting different good quality sites
  • Build up from “0” to “1”

30 days

Complete project set up in 30 days

  • Project team take over the business
  • China-Indonesia management personnel team set up

20 days

Complete the recruitment in 20 days

  • Multiple recruitment channels, and high-quality talents are recruited
  • Complete local operation staff recruitment efficiently

High Quality Operation

Efficient response time

  • Response to recruitment request and complete in 30 days
  • Able to provide front –line agent in various languages

Multilingual support

  • Project communication “0” cost
  • Management team proficient in multiple languages and good understanding to client needs

Reduce cost and improve efficiency

  • Cost down 14% after project localization
  • Over 98% of customer satisfaction