Content Moderation

Content Moderation Business Outsourcing

Fast construction,excellent results, deeply trusted by customers

One-stop solution for composite business

  • Content moderation outsourcing.
  • Video labeling outsourcing.
  • Title translation outsourcing.

Quick start, high efficiency and high quality

  • Site preparation: 80 seats, with only 4 weeks to complete the construction.
  • Team recruitment: 60 professional employees, with only 3 weeks to complete recruitment.
  • Business integration: Expanded from a single business to 4 business with only 8 weeks.

Standard refined operation with back-feeding business

  • Review & optimize the “Business and Operation Standards 5.0” , re-design 96 moderation standard, improve the moderation refinement by 74.5%.


Number of Weekly Badcase

  1. Large number of case studies and 100% training coverage.
  2. Badcases controlled at 120 within two weeks, 0.5‰ better than the industry.

3 times

Negative Feedback of the Self-media

  1. The negative feedback processing time is shortened by 3 times.
  2. The average processing time per negative feedback is less than 15 minutes.
  3. The auditor ‘s response efficiency increased by 2 times.

93 %

Service Quality Assurance

Complete project management mechanism: Employee KPI system, reward mechanism and assistance mechanism, staff performance achievement rate of 93%.