Senior HR Specialist

Experience : Min 3 Years

Level : Supervisor/Coordinator

Location : Indonesia, Jakarta Raya - Jakarta Selatan

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Job Description

Job responsibilities:


  1. Build the employer brand and recruit talents for Indonesia Office.
  2. Manage and improve the recruitment channel, establish talent pool, and map out candidates in the content industry.

HR Services

  1. Responsible for employee attendance management including generating attendance, overtime and shift report as well as updating leaves.
  2. Responsible for collecting and sorting payroll data, accounting staff salaries and benefits, to ensure timely and accurate payment of the month.
  3. Sort out and implement the company’s management and employee welfare system, establish an efficient and stable internal system and employee welfare system.

Industrial Relations

  1. Assist in resolving labor disputes and assist the company in avoiding labor risks and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the company and its employees.
  2. Has understanding with UU Ketenagakerjaan no 13 Tahun 2003 and related Indonesian Regulation & Laws

Organization Development and Performance Management

  1. Provide Training Materials (giving product knowledge, company profile, and company regulation to the employees).
  2. Assists Superiors to handle the Employee’s Performances.
  3. Assist UC HR to organize learning and sharing session to improve employees’ knowledge and competencies.
  4. A culture builder, someone who will build a good atmosphere in the office and bridge communication.

Job requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in business administration and human resources, good at English.
  2. Aged 25 to 35 years, at least 3 years of HR experience, preferably in Internet or new media industry.
  3. Familiar with local laws and regulations in Indonesia, and have the experience of social welfare declaration and tax declaration.
  4. Rich recruitment experience and industry resources, familiar with the recruitment mode in Indonesia.
  5. Able to adapt to fast-paced work, have high executive power, can quickly respond to the needs of the higher authorities.
  6. Good work ethic, careful work and strong sense of responsibility.
  7. Strong communication and coordination skills, both in English and Bahasa.

Application Form

You're applying for : Senior HR Specialist

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